My 2015 Summer Slam Predictions!

Summer Slam

So some apologies are in order… This summer has been crazy for me personally. I have moved to different houses, suffered a loss and adjusting to new work environment so as i get my life back to normal i will be writing more content soon. As SummerSlam is the biggest pay per view of WWE i couldnt not write about it. So here are my predictions.

Tag Team Fatal 4 Way 2

The Prime Time Players (C) vs The Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores with El Torito vs The New Day. Fatal 4-way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships 

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Prime Time Players and so glad the New Day is starting the fade out. however the true talent out there is the Lucha Dragons. These guys are fantastic and I would love for them to pull an upset and win however this may not be the pay per view they win it all.

My Prediction; The Primetime Players


Ryback (c) vs Big Show vs The Miz Triple Threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Im glad Ryback is back from his injury but I still believe he is fit for the championship. The Miz and Big Show have kept this ball going but Ryback is a power house that needs to be off having better championships.

My Prediction: Ryback


Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose Tag Team match

I have been dissapointed with Roman Reigns bookings since Wrestlemania, Winning a Rumble and headline Wrestlemania was suppose to give him better opportunities, and it hasn’t. The fact that half of the Shield has reunite makes me happy but Roman is getting fucked. Bray is a power house but this is not his number one foe. I am also surprised Luke Harper is still around. Im rooting for the Shield.

My Prediction: Roman and Ambrose.


Stephen Amell and Neville vs. Stardust and King Barrett Tag Team match

As many of you have noticed on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts im kinda in love with Stephen Amel. Him and WWE have been working on this partnership for a while and im glad it finally happened. He is athletically wonderful doing his own stunts on Arrow and lets face it Neville is an amazing athlete. I became a fan when i saw him live in San Jose at Raw after Mania. This is a no brainer.

My Prediction: Stephen Amell


Kevin Owens vs Cesaro Singles match

Kevin Owens has climbed the ladder pretty quickly but for him to go up against Cesaro is interesting. I believe Cesaro will be a big champion one day and i think this is his rise and helping Owens in the process is pretty neat but a newbie against a more seasoned vet i have to give the win to Cesaro.

My Prediction: Cesaro


Team Bella (The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox vs. Team B.A.D. (Naomi, Sasha banks and Tamina) vs. Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch) Three team elimination match

Now this is the revolution I have been waiting for. The Bella’s have never been good, lets face it they are on top because of the men they married and who they are sleeping with. Giving Nikki that title was a complete joke and a disgrace to the WWE Divas Division. Naomi is one of my favorite divas and im glad shes getting some shine with another bad ass diva Tamina with Team B.A.D. Paige leading the Submission Sorority P.C.B. is interesting i’d rather see Nattie leading that but none the less Charlotte and Becky Lynch are fantastic additions to this movement. Im glad i get to see the Bellas get challaenged. Lets face it seeing these amazing women in the ring and having the bellas in the ring makes the Bellas look so mediocure. I would love to see Charlotte Dethrone the queen bee Nikki and win that title. Weather that match happens or not we will see. But this match is an elimination match and if one team should win? my money is on PCB. Time for WWE to bring those Divas Tag Team Titles!!!!

My Prediction: PCB


Dolph Ziggler (With Lana) vs. Rusev (with Summer Rae) Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler is awesome, he’s the underdog im always rooting for, Why he doesnt have a major championship i will never know but him going up against Rusev is just laughable. Rusev was the one athlete before John Cena beat him the undefeated monster, now they have made him a laughing stock chasing after Lana with Summer Rae by his side. First off Summer Rae is a joke she needs to go, all she is is a valet waste of air. WWE has made Rusev look weak and clown im giving it to Dolph because i have always liked him more.

My Prediction: Dolph Ziggler


Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs The Undertaker Singles Match

This is the match everyone is talking about. Brock vs Taker this is the rematch we have been waiting for. Weather I like that its done here or at the next mania is interesting. Brock has been going on and on with the title of beating the dead man and my original belief was that Taker was retiring but when he faced Bray at Mania i was confused so is this rematch the Deadman’s Send off? Im not sure but i believe that the taker will put on a great match and will win.

My Prediction: The Undertaker


Randy Orton vs Sheamus Singles Match

Oh Shamus…he still looks stupid but i have a feeling he’s going to have a great night. Orton is helping Sheamus with this match however i feel Orton has way more still in the ring and puts on a better show however i dont believe Sheamus will win this match.

My Prediction: Randy Orton


John Cena (United States Champion) vs Seth Rollins (World Heavyweight Champion Singles match for the WWE United States Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Ok for two titles to be up for grabs…is stupid. i think this is a ploy. WWE needs more championships the Heavyweight and WWE title need to be un-unified because so much talent is coming up and this is getting to be too much. So lets say this match goes back and forth back and forth Seth knocks Cena down, Shamus comes out and cashes in the WWE Money in the Bank, Shamus wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I think this is how it’s going to go

My Prediction: Shamus new WWE World Heavyweight Championship Cena retains WWE US Championship


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