Legendary Saba San Diego Comic Con 2015 giveaway 

Hello everyone!!!

So as many of you know if you follow my Twitter and Facebook I attended my third Comic Con! So in my adventures I met stars of all kinds! I met WWE Women’s Champion Victory aka Lisa Marie Veron and she signed my title with Lita’s signature I got back at Wrestlemania 28.

I also met RVD, Battlestar Galactica stars including Edward James Olmos. I also met several Spartacus stars.

The best meeting of all was meeting Stan Lee!!! And he signed my comic book.

So another awesome thing happened and I got the Legacy Saba the limited edition item from Bandai. I thought what a great idea it would be to give these to my followers. I had a 4 day pass and I feel bad because most people can’t make it here to get all the exclusives so I’m in a great mood so why not give back to my fans!!! So here it is: 


Retweet my tweets regarding the Saba and you will qualify to win!!! I will pick a winner at random soon.


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