Manu Intiraymi, The Boy Drone, Icheb of Star Trek Voyager needs to be on The Big Bang Theory and Here’s Why.


For the past eight years nerds and comic book enthusiasts alike have all enjoyed the pop culture classic The Big Bang Theory. We have all watched various guest stars come and go but I feel like I have been waiting forever for some Star Trek Voyager guest stars to pop up. I have enjoyed seeing George Takei, Brent Spiner, Leonard Nimoy, LeVar Burton and the mostly seen Wil Wheaton.

All these actors are great don’t get me wrong but the focus of any Star Trek mention is centered around the original series or The Next Generation. Briefly Zachary Quinto was mentioned when Sheldon ordered a life size cardboard cut out of Spock but it was the Quinto Version. I have only heard Star Trek Voyager mentioned twice. The first time I heard it was when Sheldon was talking about knowing all Star Trek Trivia, TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek Voyager.

About a year ago through my Facebook account I started a conversation with Manu Intiraymi and eventually i found my way to his twitter page. He started to talk about wanting to be on the Big Bang Theory. I started making graphics about potential story lines with Manu even making one with Wil Wheaton vs. Manu Intiraymi. I started hitting up writers, actors even the executive producer of Big Bang Bill Prady. I guess Prady got pissed off with my constant posting of the Wil vs. Manu graphic that he tweeted out a tweet saying. “Pushing for casting could have the opposite effect.” one of his followers tweeted me and said i better stop because of his tweet. Manu saw it and got kinda mad that this happened because, well i’m a fan. He said that maybe me doing it by myself wouldn’t work i need a rising, I need a faction, i need a resistance.


I stopped pushed the Big Bang thing and one night I was watching a new episode of season 8 where Sheldon and Raj are in the ventilation system of the university trying to acclimate their bodies in preparation of being in caves. Sheldon was freaking out and Raj was trying to calm him down and told him “When I stress I think about Voyager” Sheldon: “The NASA probe Voyager or Star Trek Voyager?”  Raj: “The NASA probe Voyager” Sheldon: “Good because I despise Star Trek Voyager”

I did a double take, I said what? He didn’t say that? Did he? I ran to rewind it and watched it again! Yup he said it. I was so furious I hit to Twitter to express my outrage. My tweet got Favorited by Robert Duncan McNiel. Which was cool however i was just found asking “WHAT THE FUCK!”

So lets go back to Voyager and Manu himself. Manu played Icheb a borg drone who was saved by Seven of Nine and the Voyager Crew. He fit in with the crew and Seven of Nine became a mother figure to him. There is one crucial note that hasn’t been highlighted and i’m confused as to why it wasn’t mentioned in the Voyager Series Finale. Icheb’s blood had the capability of poisoning and killing the Borg. Which is why Icheb and several other children were found by Voyager in the first place. His blood was used as a hypo spray to infect the older Janeway and when the Queen assimilated the Old Janeway she was infected with Icheb’s deadly pathogen. He had the potential to be the Federations top defense against the borg. I would also like to add that he was the boy genius of Star Trek Voyager.

This point draws me now to the most reoccurring guest Star Trek Star Wil Wheaton. I know when you stack Wil Vs. Manu Wil will win for popularity but Manu has deep acting skills that surpass Wheaton on any given day of the week.

Here’s Wil’s credentials

1. He currently has 2.8 million Twitter followers

2. He has his own show called “The Wil Wheaton Project” on Syfy

3. Was the boy genius of TNG

4. Has been on 10 episodes of The Big Bang Theory over the last 8 seasons.

5. He kissed someones ass really well to make #4 happen.

We get it Wil is a favorite but remember back in the day when he was one TNG for 3 and half season, he was the most hated character, I think there was even a campaign of “Die Wesley Crusher Die”  I’m not sure what has turned the tied for him but now he’s adored by millions. He’s a favorite now? I don’t get it.

Let’s Look at Manu

1. Played Icheb in seasons 6 and 7 of Star Trek Voyager

2. Boy genius of Voyager

3. Meaty film resume

4. Working on the new Star Trek Project Renegades

5. Is not a known ass kisser.

With these point drawn out I fully believe its time for Big Bang to spread its wings and stop ignoring a huge fandom! They are, its a slap to the face of the fans. They have 2 seasons left as of now. If this blog does not start the title wave of the resistance, then I have one better.

I have a 4 day pass to my home town event San Diego Comic Con. I will be at the Big Bang Writers Panel and I will confront them myselfe at the mic. I have 2 months to make this movement known. Who’s with me? Help me get Manu on the Big Bang. Go to Twitter and tweet the show @BigBang_CBS @CBSshowbiz @billprady make sure you include Manu’s twitter handle @manuintiraymi.

The Resistance Begins Now!!!!

PS Special Thanks to John Brewer for letting me use his images for #manu2bigbang



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