Summer Slam 2014 My Predictions



So here we are again another Summer Slam! The line up this Pay Per View is good, it could be a little bit better but i’ll take it. I just have one complaint…. Where is the Goldust and Stardust Match?! That right now is my favorite and the best gimmick out there!!! Now to analyze and predict who’s going to dominate at this years show.



John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

My Prediction: John Cena

So, here we are the man who defeted the streak and the man who is always champion. I love John Cena I had the opportunity to meet him and he was a great guy. However I feel he needs to step aside and help the younger guys rise up to the occasion. I was still peeved he got a title shot fresh from coming back from an injury but yeah WWE needs money and he’s the guy to do it. That fact that he’s gorgeous is the only reason i’m still invested. Then we have the part timer who defeted the Undertaker and only comes back for big Pay-Per views. So with that being said, I know he defeated the streak and now he seems untouchable but unless Lesnar has inked a deal to be around more, i’m giving the win to Cena.



Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho Singles Match Erick Rowan and Luke Harper Banned from Ringside. 

My Prediction: Bray Wyatt

I guess WWE is only running on part-timers and they dont have enough confidence in the roster they have. I love Jericho he’s awesome and I tend to feel that since Wyatt’s feud with Cena his favoritism has gone down. He’s no longer feared, I give it 3 more months before he’s made into a clown. For now I give Wyatt the win.



Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon Singles Match

My Prediction: Brie Bella

Stephanie plays such an awesome bitch but I hate the way they wrote this feud. On Raw it was discovered that Daniel Bryan’s therapist is having a fling with Daniel. I mean comon, the reason this bugs me is Bryan and Brie are married in real life. I can’t imagine what this does in real life, i know they are playing a role but why does WWE have to go there with this? Tacky. Now as much as im not a Bella fan twin (Nikki is with my man John Cena) i’m rooting for Brie because she’s the underdog and who wouldn’t want to beat up their boss?  It’s true revenge for what Stephanie has put Daniel through for the past year.


Jack Swagger vs. Rusev Flag Match

My Prediction: Jack Swagger

If you are one of my avid readers/followers you know how much I hate this Rusev gimmick. I recently took to Twitter and Facebook to express my disgust when the MH17  flight was shot down and WWE worked into the Rusev and Lana story line. This story line just urks me to no end. The fact that WWE chose to do a story line that includes a Russian who hates America while it’s currently a world conflict with Russia. Tacky…


AJ Lee vs. Paige For the WWE Divas Championship

My Prediction: AJ Lee

These two bitches are at it again. I never liked Paige popping out of NXT to take the title away from AJ after Wrestlemania, and AJ has been champion long enough. I just feel there are Diva’s in the locker room more deserving. This is the same rant I will be on till these two are out of the picture. Ladies like Tamina, Natalya and Naomi are way more worthy than these two.


Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns Singles match

My Prediction: Roman Reigns

So what we are seeing here is the grooming of a future champion. There is talk that WWE has a woody for Roman Reigns, I mean come on, he’s got Wrestling ties, the Rock and so on. He’s related to a lot of top people in this industry so it’s only natural they are prepping him to be champion. So with that they pair him up against Randy. I hear Randy has an awful attitude so maybe this is his punishment. I’m a Roman fan so here’s to hoping he wins.


The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler For the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Mr Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

I almost hate to admit this but I wish Dolph would get a better push. He’s come a long way since his cheerleading days and I feel like he’s been cheated out of a lot of awesome opportunities. The Miz is overrated let’s just get that out there for the record. I wish Dolph would get the push he needs. I feel like he’s championship material I always have, so I know the Miz just got this title but it would make for an interesting match if Dolph could take it!


Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Lumberjack Match

My Prediction: Seth Rollins

When I think of the Shield, i think of Destiny’s Child and Roman is Beyonce. These two will fade into the background forever, Im actually very surprised these two are still getting airtime. Since Seth has the Money in the Bank briefcase I would like to see him cash it in and possibly win just to shake things up. Maybe lengthen their 15 minutes. Just not a fan of these two but I will give the win to Seth Rollins.


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