Transformers Age of Extinction proves the Transformers will never go extinct


I absolutely love summer! The movies that come out during this time make every Friday night an adventure. My latest stop at the movies was to see the newest Transformers movie. Now I came in spectacle because this movies almost seems unnecessary. Similar to my x-men blog I see Transformers being the same as x-men, a hodgepodge of movies that will go on forever.

So in order to make my point, we have to go back to the beginning. So Shia Lebeouf did a great job when this journey started. Megen Fox being his counterpart worked until after the second movie when Fox has issues with Michael Bay, which resulted in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to come in as Shia’s new love interest. To date, I think they Fox has patched up her issues with Bay since she is now staring in the new TMNT movie (that’s for a whole other blog)

So third movie, new girl, new city, new problems. Optimus and the Autobots almost died in a rocket and Chicago got destroyed. After the third movie Shia went and bad mouthed Michael Bay and now he’s in rehab. I honestly thought this was the end of Transformers.

So a couple of years have passed and I see a new trailer for Transformers staring Mark Wahlberg…huh ok they are pushing it. The trailer was interesting and any Transformers fan can agree but is this movie necessary? No not really Shia and the crew closed the deal pretty well, or so I thought.

0 (1)

As the movie began I was uneasy but once Optimus rises and starts kicking ass you cant help but cheer and get excited. Some new cars were also introduced including a Corvette and a Bugatti. My favorite returns, Bumblebee, and now i’m invested. Towards the the middle of the movie the battle starts up again in Chicago. I found myself laughing at this point.Why in the world would they start a fight again in Chicago. We just saw this?! The fight moves to China and it was done very well. This movie was no joke, three hours long and it was jam packed with action and adventure. Even though some of this movie was redundant it was still a good movie and it just proved that the Transformers, like X-men wont die, considering Megatron is still alive and kicking.


So the reason im for this to continue is because I don’t think i could ever get tired of these movies. The longer they go the more of a chance Chevrolet will keep updating the Bumblebee version of the Camero and I vow to own Bumblebee at some point in my life. So Michael Bay and Steven Speilberg, this is my stamp of approval to keep making these movies.



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