Supernatural, Is season 10 the last season?


So it has been a few weeks since Season 9 of Supernatural wrapped and honestly I can’t stop getting sad or get close to crying when I think about the ending. So many feelings ran through me all season. Lets recap and talk about the future.

So the season started with the Angels falling from heaven and Sam was dying trying to finish his last trial and the angle “Gabriel” took shelter inside of Sam to heal him unbeknownst to Dean the angel Gabriel is Gadreel. So Sam and Dean continue on their quest to bring down Abbaddon and Metatron. Down the line Sam finds out about Gabriel/Gadreel is possesing him and gets mad at Dean because Dean didn’t let him die and he wouldn’t save Dean if he was dying. So the brothers arn’t on brotherly bases and it’s all about hunting nothing more nothing less. Durring one of their spats Dean goes hunting with Crowley and they meet Cain who gives his mark to Dean.



Dean not reading the fine print took the mark to defeat Abbaddon. Crowley goes and looks for the the first blade, the blade needed to kill Abbaddon. The blade is found and in Dean’s possession it makes him powerful. Dean admits he’s afraid to use it  because of the power. He kills Abbaddon and Metatron stabs Dean in the chest with a angel blade. Sam helps dean he gets back to the “batcave” and tries to summon Crowley, Crowley is already there next to Dean’s bedside and tells him to get up and “howl at the moon” Dean opens his eyes and he is now a demon with black eyes.




So this is pretty interesting because this was predicted in season 3.

 It’s ironic that the Supernatural writers actually went through with one of their ideas. They kind of just left some stories in the past hanging. The reason I believe they followed through with this one is because Jeremy Carver said in past interviews that he would like this to go up to Season 10 so I firmly believe this will be the last season. They did an episode to start up the backdoor spinoff which honestly was not so great. So I have to start wondering how in the world can they save Dean or is Dean destined to be a demon forever. Here are my thoughts.

1. Chuck, where the hell did Chuck go? Is he God? Will God save dean?

2. Cas have some juju to turn Dean the Demon human?

3. Sam will kill Dean because there is no other way out of this mess.

In a recent interview Jensen Ackles did confirm that Dean’s body is dead, he’s not coming back. So im at a loss of what is going to happen next season? Write your predictions in the comments below!



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