X-Men Days of Future Past rewrites all of X-men history


I have been a huge comic fan since as far back as I can remember. Of course X-Men is my favorite franchise, I mean, does anyone remember watching the x-men cartoons when they were young. When they decided to make x-men into a live action movie back in 1999-2000 it was exciting to see how this could all unfold. Here we are 14 years later and the latest movie has come out and has pretty much cleaned the slate of the last 14 years worth of movies.


X-Men 1-3 was pretty life changing. We all got acquainted with Hugh Jackman, Hallie Berry, Anna Paquin and of course my favorite Patrick Stewart. We saw Ian McKellan play Magneto, Kelly Hu in X-men 2 and Jean Grey turn into the Phoenix. It was pretty life changing. When the last clip of X-Men The Last Stand showed Magneto and Charles playing chess and Magneto moved his chess piece showed he didn’t lose his powers and there was a possibility for more movies.

xmen origins wolverine

The Origin movies came out revolving around Wolverine. I was really hoping other characters would have gotten their own movies but now it makes sense. It was interesting to see Wolverine’s story unfold and who can’t get enough of Hugh Jackman. Then X-Men first class came along.xmen firstclass


I was confused as to why they would make what looked like at the time as a reboot. The cast was well put together

and Jennifer Lawrence added a special something to the would be Mystique. Over all i was pleased with first class and the back story as to how they became to be.


To add more confusion. The Wolverine movie came out last year and I felt this movie was completely unnecessary. Really what was the point of seeing Wolverine hang out in Japan taking on an Iron Man wannabee. Seeing the very end clip after the credits showed the set up to Days of Future Past. But still. we really didn’t need this movie.



So now we get to Days of Future Past, The movie starts out with the originals and there is a huge crisis that causes Wolverine to voluntarily go back to the past, the 70’s to be exact to change a line of current events. He jumps back in the past and convinces a younger Xavier, younger Beast and young Magneto to help Wolverine stop the events that lead to the dark days of the future. Mystique is on a quest to kill a man who is hurting other mutants to advance his plans. She becomes so adamant that her killing in the 70’s is what caused the dark days of the future. Wolverine and the others are on a quest to stop her. Without spilling all the details they stop her and it changes all the events we have known as truth in the past 14 years. It’s as if the slate has been wiped clean so nothing we saw in the past movies is no longer relative. The last part of the movie shows Anna Paquin with her boyfriend, Cyclops is fine and well and Jean Gray is alive and well.  WTF! I get it it’s a ploy to make more movies and more money but how far can this go?

The teaser clip showed a mutant assembling the ancient pyramids of Egypt by levitation. Reports have confirmed that Channing Tatum is jumping on board to play Gambit. So another film is coming, but how far can this franchise go before we are just fed up by what we are seeing?





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