The Downward Spiral of Glee

Glee I remember when I first discovered Glee. It was in the winter of 2010 and the Oxygen network had a marathon going on. I remember the hype of the show but never got into it. The Marathon pulled me in. I was hooked! I was hooked so bad that I finished the Marathon on tv and looked online for the beginning of season 1. It was a total binge fest that I devoured and couldn’t get enough. I was exhausted but I felt so good. It was a weird sensation but I absolutely loved this show. The store lines were fresh and the  characters were relate able. Mr. Shuester (Matthew Morrison) was the dreamer trying to make his creation become something respectable and formed a family where no matter who you are or what your sexual orientation was you were welcome in the family called “The New Directions.” Where there is good there is evil and it came in the form of Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) was a woman you loved and hated. Season 1 was great and season 2 was even better and three was perfection! We saw these high schoolers transform as insecure individuals into radiant stars. The story I was most invested in was Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) and Finn Hudson (Corey Montieth). I related a lot to Rachel and I loved her passion for being successful and working hard for it. At times I would get annoyed the other stars wouldn’t get enough screen time but I knew early on this was a show about Rachel becoming a star, a Broadway star. Once we saw the original cast graduate and the plans for those characters were reveled it only circulated rumors before season 4 began that there would be a spin-off to accommodate those stories and focus on McKinley high and the new cast. Ryan Murphy decided to split the time between Ohio and the big apple. Here was the problem with that, there wasn’t enough for us to see in an hour. One show would be dedicated to Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer) then we would end up in McKinley and focus on the new characters. There wasnt even balance to dedicate the time to the two which is why the audience never really warmed up to the new kids. Too many things were happening and not enough focus on the heart of the matter. Season 4 closed with the new New Directions at Regional s and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) with a ring box held in his hand behind his back, the teaser for season 5. The summer of 2013 was pretty shocking and it forever changed the future of Glee forever.

Corey Montieth who played Finn Hudson and was dubbed the heart of the show died on a heroin overdose. I remember I had come back from the movies and placed my iphone to charge on my bookshelf. I headed to the kitchen for a glass of water and my phone made an alert sound. I unlocked my iphone and saw the breaking news flash on my screen Corey Montieth had died in Vancouver. I remember feeling a rush of sadness, as if I knew Corey in person. I remember thinking “I wonder how Lea is doing?” his current girlfriend at the time of his death. I think myself and many other friends who were fans were in shock and wondering how in the world Glee would continue. Speculation and rumors swirled all the way to the premier of season 5. Ryan Murphy the creator of the show came out and said the first two episodes will be a tw0-parter and the third will be an episode honoring Finn in an episode called The Quarterback.  It was a nicely written tribute, while not explaining how Finn died everyone played tribute to Finn and how Finn touched their lives.  When I saw this episode I truely believe this is how the series should have ended. I think Murphy should have just closed the book at this episode considering the ending he had in his mind was now gone.

So after the tribute episode we get back on track having the McKinely kids graduate in the middle of the season making the spring time at McKinely uunusually long. Tine Cohen-Chang turned into a whiney baby and somewhat of a snob leading up to graduation. She was a character I enjoyed until she started crying I was just anxious for her to never to return to the screen. I was sad I also didn’t get to see more of Wemma considering Ms. Pillsberry (Jayma Mays) was considerably absent from the series since she was now on another show full time on CBS. We didn’t see her as a pregnant woman or the Shuster baby. In fact I was really annoyed when Rachel had her opening night on Broadway Shuster had to leave due to Emma giving birth. I firmly believe Glee was leading up to this moment and to have Rachel’s big broadway moment and it was only right for her mentor to be there to bask in the glory. He was absent and the fact that Sue Sylvester came with Shuster as well was very unnecessary. I love Sue but her presence in that episode was so unnecessary because she ruined Rachel’s moment. So to wrap Rachel becomes a star playing the role she always dreamed of playing. The following episodes show Rachel’s greed by flying to LA to audition for a TV Show. Last I remember and in all Glee lore she wanted Broadway, she never uttered Los Angeles or Television. She jeopordizes her show and is threated to be sued but a writer flies out and writes about Rachel’s life. The writer botches the first version but for some reason Rachel singing Pink’s “Glitter in the Air” made the writer see her original work is crap… I am just not liking how Rachel is turning out as a character. It’s such a shame. While Sam, Mercedes, Santana,Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, and Arty are in New York their stories arnt too great and not much attention is given to them. Also what happened to Star Child (Adam Lambert) and Demi Lovatos Characters go? So confused….

I was very happy to see season 5 end. It was a jumble of this and that and the new new directions disappeared and the Glee club at McKinley was dismembered to focus on the original Glee kids. Murphy has hinted that the final season will have a time jump and the show will move to Los Angeles. Im really not thrilled with this idea I would love to see Rachel do other broadway roles…(Wicked anyone?)  I’m just so disapointed with what Ryan Murphy has done to this show. I agree Corey’s death did a lot of that but it should have been crafted a little better. Maybe we are just seeing it play out and that the writers hearts just arn’t in it anymore.  If these writers and Murphy want the final season to be memorable they need to go back to basics and rethink season 6 to make it a good one.



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