The Devil Wears Kardashian Collection…RIP Vogue

As a true follower of all news, my phone updates me on current events and even TMZ and E! send updates throughout the day. After getting back to my office (my real day job) from Starbucks I was talking with a co-worker and my phone dings. An update from E states,

“Kim Kardashian Covers Vogue! See her pic with Kanye West!”

Really…My day is immediately ruined. Now my hate for Kim wasn’t immediate in fact I started out as a fan. I remember being a hard core fan when her show on E started several years ago. I thought her and her family were great and relate able. It wasn’t until her she was engaged to Kris Humphries that I started to see she was just after more notoriety. Before they wed, she seemed uninterested in changing her last name to Humphries and she didn’t seem to care for her soon to be husband like her sister’s devotion to her husband. Something seemed off… The big wedding happens and like the rest of the world we watched millions of dollars put into such an elaborate wedding that would make a perfect fairy tale ending….72 days later she filed for divorce. WTF….I went back to watch that wedding and it seemed to me she was just using poor Humphries as her scapegoat to reinforce ratings and world renowned fame. After that I loathed her. How can a human be capable of hurting an innocent person for fame and fortune.

The rest is history after her divorce she gets together with musical failure and misfit, Kanye West. This man thinks he’s Jesus… A perfect coupling, the two most vain and narcissistic people on the planet become a couple. He knocks her up and baby North is born. These people couldn’t even come up with a decent name for their kid. I pray for that child at night. It’s not her fault her parents are so stupid.

We must remember the Kim Kardashian is a porn star. Her sex tape “leaked” and launched her into super stardom.  Leaked by her momager pimp Kris Jenner. She was recently caught up making headlines in Europe because some man came up to her with a painted blackface. Why was she in Europe, she was a paid escort for some millionaire to join him at some ball. Really? An escort? So these are the credentials to be met to be on the cover of Vogue…the fashion bible…

Now when Kanye first got onto the scene with his music I was a fan. He had catchy music and he was interesting. My like soured when he took the VMA away from Taylor Swift, told the world the President Bush hated black people on national television and his constant crying about not winning a Grammy. Oh yeah and his claim he’s a genius.

Kanye has been designing clothes and had gotten into the tight circles of fashions elite, including the incredible Anna Wintour. Now I had a love for Anna Wintour, she was a brazzen driven woman who worked her ass off from magazine to magazine to make it to the top of the fashion ladder becoming editor of the fashion bible. Being a one time newspaper editor, I loved her drive and even thought I could do the same. Her influence is what shapes the fashion industry and she had a liking to Kanye’s fashion line. Since then Kanye has been bugging and pushing Wintour to put Kim in the magazine. It was noted she loathed reality tv and Kim and company. It started to look like the Nuclear Wintour was thawing when Kim was invited to the Costume Institute Gala AKA Met Ball dressed as my granny’s couch. None the less I worried if Kanye’s influence was working. Almost a year later these two clowns are on the cover, in their wedding attire no less.

I have gone to Vogue’s Facebook page to voice my rage, along with many others canceling their subscriptions. Even Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted her outrage only to be received my Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban, asked her if “She Mattered.” Really so juvenile, this man a washed up PR publicist ridding the coattails of Kim to his own fame.  The cover has received such a huge backlash that Vogue is now offering a free clutch to subscribers. A clutch won’t solve this problem Anna! This cover is even being spoofed by Seth Rogan and James Franco and even Kermit and Miss Piggy.

It’s sad to say Vogue has now become a tabloid and has gone to hell in a hand basket. Looks like an editorial position is about to open up. Vogue….I have editorial experience!!!

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